Clinical Setup

Clinic Infrastructure and Guidelines:

ISO certified clinic

Being one of the best cosmetic dental clinic in Kolkata, we take pride in delivering quality dental treatment to our patients. To provide globally benchmarked services, our clinic has earned international certifications that maintain and establish our management systems.We have in-house latest dental and orthodontic instrumentations and equipment such as dental X-ray and in- house dental implant systems for cosmetic smile designing.

iso certificate

iTero clinical setup

Designed to deliver reliability, speed, outstanding visualization capabilities, and intuitive operations, iTero scanners propel the dental practice in today’s world. Not just that scanners enhance the experience of the patients but also elevate the clinical precision. With the help of these scanners, the orthodontists can take digital images and plan Invisalign treatment of the patients in real-time. The scanners take highly accurate images of the patient’s mouth and help the doctors to diagnose orthodontic issues. Simply put, these scanners help in developing a customized treatment plan for the patients. They help in providing a precise image of the patient’s teeth, face and smile before and after the treatment. 

The parallel confocal imaging technology of the intra- oral scanners utilizes laser and optical scanning to produce colored scans accurately. With its cutting-edge technology, iTero scanners empower practices in both orthodontics and restorative dentistry. Engineered to work perfectly with the Invisalign system, iTero scanners have a proven record of success. Wondering what’s more? With iTero scanners, full-arch scans can be done in less than a minute or so.

Itero invisalign scaner in kolkata

Besides saving time, iTero systems improve the overall experience of the patients. They are designed to be powerful, intuitive, and portable. Here at Great Lakes Dental Clinic and Orthodontic Centre, we are the first dental braces clinic in Kolkata and Eastern India to use this system to provide value-added services to our patients. This digital innovation has helped us transform our practices for the overall satisfaction of our patients.

Our clinic has in-house iTero scanner that are designed specifically to work with the Invisalign system to provide the best workflow possible. We are the first dental clinic in Kolkata and Eastern India to own an iTero element 2 for 3D replication of treatment results in clear aligner orthodontics, which is an alternative to dental braces.

Biolase – Laser System

We have the best dentist in Kolkata who use state-of-the-art equipment like Biolase to provide quality services to our patients. An extremely versatile dental equipment, Biolase – Laser System is used to expedite or perform various procedures include removal of caries, cavity preparation, gum lifting or reshaping, dentin and enamel procedures, soft tissue procedures, cosmetic smile designing and decay removal. The ISO certified dental laser system is completely safe for use on both children and adults. Justifiably, we have been awarded the best dental clinic in Kolkata multiple times – for having the most upgraded dental equipment setup in Eastern India.

Images Biolase

COVID 19 guidelines and safety measures for dental care

Your safety is our first priority! To make our dental units fully COVID free, we are maintaining safety guidelines and sanitizing our clinic every day. We are also disinfecting our dental equipment on a daily basis to ensure overall hygiene.

Equipped with all sorts of modern amenities like CCTV cameras, air conditioners with HEPA-filters, and air purifiers, we ensure complete safety and security of our patients. Book an appointment with us, today! – to get the most upgraded dental treatment in Kolkata.